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Love is spelled T-I-M-E for a Child


To all my fellow parents, I thought you might like this.

As I read this article by Zig Ziglar on spending quality time with kids, I realized my morning started out real badly with my son, with him crying and me threatening to withhold games and toys.

Zig says “The way you start and end your child’s day is extremely important because if the day is started and ended properly, the time in between will go much better”. This made a lot of sense, because when I reflected on the other times that I’m gentle and would kiss him and we giggle together in the mornings, things flow sooo much easier.

We tend to make a lot of deals together.  It would go like this..“You know if you go to the bathroom do what you have to do, then I give you a bath, have your breakfast and get dressed without fussing you can take your leapfrog with you to the car”.. stuff like that.  And it usually works most of the time.  There’s still a little fuss, and I’ll remind him of the deal and what he has to lose.  He would then say “mommy was I good, see mommy I making a deal” 🙂 which makes me soo proud.

I mean, I understand, with all the stress that we go through, we tend to get a little course with them.  We take out our frustrations on them, we rush them, we get impatient.

But here’s Zig Ziglar’s suggestion, which I absolutely agree with, and hope that you will try from now on.

He says “At bedtime, take your child by the hand, lead them back to the bed, tuck them in, then chat with them for a while.  For a child, love is spelled T – I – M – E, and your child is more likely to open up and reveal his/her heart just before they go to sleep than at any other time of the day.  Ten to fifteen minutes can make a big difference in the bonding process with your child by giving them that precious assurance that they are deeply loved, that you have time for them and they are more important than ten more minutes of television.  Try this approach and I’ll SEE YOU—and your child—AT THE TOP!”

All the best to you in your continued bonding process, and remember with kindness as your guide you will never lose your way.


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