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Losing Weight ~ Mistakes We Make

losing weight

Do you keep trying and trying to lose weight and the pounds just won’t vanish? Well, you’re not alone. According to the Boston Medical Center, there are 45 million other individuals just like you spending $33 billion on products promising to help.

Whatever your weight loss goals may be, you can increase your chances for long-term success, if you follow some simple rules.

  • Don’t let the bathroom scale scare you. Muscle weighs more than fat so, that scale you put all your faith in,Losing-Weight-Mistakes-150x150 does not calculate the difference. Put that scale away! The anxiety it causes isn’t worth psyching yourself out.
  • Diet Soda be gone! It isn’t a health drink or weight loss aid and not yet known to be effective for preventing obesity and related health problems, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Work out with a buddy. It’s been proven that people are more successful losing weight when they have someone supporting them, pushing them onward, and looking for the same results.
  • Eat before you sweat. Consuming a high-protein meal prior to your work out will boost your metabolism and calorie burn.
  • Heavy or Light – Bigger weights scare most people from even trying them. That’s a loss, however. Heavier weights at fewer reps will burn more calories.
  • Cardio – Is it enough? Most individuals think a daily cardio workout is all they need to lose weight. Strength training is an important element that will aid in burning fat.
  • Skipping Breakfast – Eating protein first thing in the a.m. will help to curb those cravings that hit you mid-morning. Yogurt, fresh fruit, a protein shake, cottage cheese or scrambled eggs will do the trick.

(Original Article taken from LiveSmart 360 Blog,  more interesting health articles available)

That ‘thing’ called Exercise

WOW Exercise… do you know how hard it is to create and maintain an effective exercise routine.

I’ve been at it on and off for quite a while now.  But I’m thinking, I’ve got to tell myself that this ‘thing’ called exercise is VERY important.  I’ve got to tell myself that this can be a life or death situation. It is very important to the quality of my life.  I’ve got to get drastic in order to get out of bed, or stop whatever I’m doing and just go do the exercise.

I’m getting scared and tired of hearing stories of people getting a stroke at the age of 38 – I’m getting close to that age now 🙂 – Yesterday, I read a story of a young lady at the age of 25, who just collapsed and died, she wasn’t known to have any illnesses.  What a tragedy that must be for her family, it brought tears to my eyes.

I figure it has to be a balance, a good diet means everything in moderation.  As too much of a thing can be bad for you.  I try to take my supplements as support for what I might not be getting based on my diet.  Try to take  care of my mental, emotional and spiritual life, as stress is a serious killer.  This includes our family life and work life and then we have to make sure we get time for ourselves to just unwind and do whatever.

Then here comes the exercise, we just can’t get away from it.  Face it, our bodies need it.  One of the benefits of exercise is a healthy mind, it can help to fight anxiety and depression.  The brain is stimulated by exercise into releasing chemicals that make you feel happy. Maybe this is why I always have a pep in my step when I exercise.

So without further ado, I’m off.  I think this morning is a ZUMBA morning!!!

Remember with the right attitude anything is possible!Image

Know your BMI (Body Mass Index)

Are you at a healthy weight for your height?  What does your Body Mass Index have to do with your health?

A healthy weight goes beyond the number on the scale: There’s also your body mass index (BMI), which is a measurement that determines if you’re at an appropriate weight for your height by estimating your body fat. To calculate your BMI, your height and weight are entered into a mathematical equation and the resulting number reveals whether you’re underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

BMI = [weight / (height x height)] x 703
(Ex.: 150 lbs divided by (68” x 68” = 4624) x 703 = 22.80 or SEE BMI Chart.

There are four classifications of ADULT BMI. 18.5 is considered underweight; 18.5 to 24.9 is normal; and 25.0 to 29.9 is overweight. Any number above 29.9 is classified as obese. The higher your BMI, the higher your risk for certain diseases such as:
Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Gallstones, Breathing problems, and certain Cancers.

Talk with your physician or Fitness Professional about losing weight. On the other hand, if you’re underweight, consult with your physician or Fitness Professional to determine if and how you should gain weight. For women, being underweight can interrupt the menstrual cycle and cause bone loss.

Though BMI is generally a reliable approximation of body fat, it doesn’t always tell the whole picture. BMI doesn’t differentiate between body fat and lean muscle mass. BMI might be a poor indicator of body fat in athletes, people who have a muscular build and those who are heavily engaged in strength training because their dense muscle mass may classify them as overweight when they aren’t. On the flip side, it might underestimate body fat in older individuals and people who have lost muscle mass.

Even with its drawbacks, however, BMI can give you a rough idea of how healthy you are. You can use BMI to help you evaluate whether you need to make LIFESTYLE changes.

LIFESTYLE changes that include healthier diets, regular physical activity, and weight loss of 7%-10% have shown phenomenal health benefits that can be more effective than medications. Lowering body weight can reverse or prevent diabetes; lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels; and improve sleep apnea and other sleep problems — along with helping you feel better about yourself. (David Katz, MD, MPH, Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center and of the Yale Preventive Medicine Center)

Such a small loss may not seem like much if you’re trying to look svelte in your jeans. But in terms of your health, it can be a big victory.

The Smartest Loser – what does that mean to you

Guys I am very proud to be associated with this company, LiveSmart 360.  And I wholy endorse their products and services.  And that is why it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to their $100,000 Smartest Loser Contest.

How many times, do we go on a diet that does not care about your overall health, this is definitely not the case here.  Imagine earning cold hard cash while you lose weight and be in the best shape of your life.

At LiveSmart 360 we believe in rewarding more people more often, and so we will be rewarding you every step of the way with our Smartest Loser Contest.

Before we launched, 162,000+ people from 94 countries joined the movement! Now, on our countdown to our hard launch event in the first quarter of 2011, we are pulling out all the stops!

We are going to help people from around the world lose 100,000 pounds and we are putting $100,000+ in cash and prizes on the line to help you do it!

Introducing the LiveSmart 360 Smartest Loser Contest!

“When does the contest officially start and end?”
September 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010 (Get a head start today…see below.)

“How do I participate?”

Complete Contest Details and Rules will be posted next week. See Point Schedule below for a head start!

“What are the prizes?”

1. Every week we will hold a drawing for a new APPLE IPAD for every person who has submitted at least 1 Smart Show Presentation. For each Smart Show Presentation you submit weekly, your name will go into the drawing that many times! The more presentations you give at your home Smart Shows or Online Smart Shows, the more chances you have to win each week! (You also get points for each Smart Show you conduct! See below.)

2. Every month we will have cash prizes for the Top 5 Largest Transformation Results on our products AND for the Top 5 Point Earners!

Monthly Transformation Cash Prizes…

#1 Monthly Transformation=$1,000.00 Cash
#2 Monthly Transformation=$750.00 Cash
#3 Monthly Transformation=$500.00 Cash
#4 Monthly Transformation=$250.00 Cash
#5 Monthly Transformation=$100.00 Cash

These cash prizes for the Top Transformations happen EACH MONTH! So you have 5 chances each month to win!

The Overall Top Transformation at our hard launch event in 2011 will receive a check for $10,000.00! This is in addition to the monthly prizes above!

Purchase our Limited Edition LiveFit 360 Smartest Loser Product Pack today and save $50 and receive 5 points for each pack you purchase. (Available online NOW at under Nutritionals/LiveFit 360 $149.99/


Watch the video below, get your headstart with the DOUBLE POINTS above between now and AUGUST 31! First Prizes awarded end of the first week in September and runs through December 31, 2010.

For more details go to LiveSmart 360 Blog or  click here and stay up to date on whats happening.

THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE – living fit!!

Time and time again, I come across women, who battle the bulge.  Especially moms, who find it hard to lose all that lovely baby fat, that we gain pre and post pregnancy.

There is always one diet plan or the other.  We starve ourselves or eat only one meal per day.  Which in itself puts more stress on the body, and makes it harder for us to lose weight.  We figure because we are working hard, running up and down the stairs behind our kids, that should really make a difference.  For some, but not for all.

Then I came across the LiveFit360 system, and one of the things about it that appealed to me – and hope it will appeal to you, is the fact that Mr. USA John Defendis, the creator came to the path of developing this system because he wanted to save the life of his mom, who was over 300lbs and had had 3 heart attacks.  He helped her to lose over 120lbs.  “She is now over 77yrs old and one of the fittest elderly person” – says John.

Do you think that this can work for you?

The “LiveFit 360” Product was created by Mr. USA John Defendis.

DeFendis developed Ultra Fit  (LiveFit 360)  almost 28 years ago and executes the program through a national team of personal trainers . Ultra Fit is the most comprehensive weight loss, toning and shaping, and anti-aging program available and since its development, has produced tens of thousands of success stories. The program is responsible for results which include the loss of 100 pounds or more by hundreds of Americans in the last 2 years alone, and has been featured on a number of major television programs and networks including Hard Copy (4 times), ABC TV’s 20/20 with Barbara Walters, Fox News, CNN, CBS, & ABC News , ESPN , The Joan Rivers Show , and NBC Sports.

Now John Defendis has decided to partner with LiveSmart360 to bring to you the UTLIMATE LiveFit 360 Product & Programme.

And the best news is that the ‘LiveFit 360″ product now has “ZORBMAX!”
Zorbmax can allow for the body to increase absorption of all nutrients up to 3 times more!

Imagine a great formula with a powerful ability to absorb all of the nutrients?


Please Answer these 5 Questions:

1. Would you like to lose Fat?
2. Would you like to increase your Energy level?
3. Would you like to increase lean and shapely muscle and Strength?
4. Would you like to Reduce Water Retention and Cellulite?
5. Would you like to be able to Recover from workouts for better Results?
If your answer to any of those questions was “YES” then…

“LiveFit 360” is for YOU!

The LiveFit 360 product includes a complete program and nutritional plan for everyone who wants to lose weight and become healthier and fit, while living a better quality of life and a longer life! The nutritional plan includes a shopping list, meal by meal menu, a guide that instructs you “How to Order In A Restaurant” and some recipes. The LiveFit 360 product is a time tested and proven combination of 8 products that is used to help thousands of people for over 20 years with incredible results!


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You’ll be glad you did

Listen to Mr. USA John Defendis talk about his LiveFit 360 Product & Programme

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