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Learning From the Experiences of 2013


It is a New Year!!! Everyday is a new day, filled with new possibilities, so as we venture into 2014, with arms wide open to embrace life, new opportunities and all it has to offer, let us not forget our experiences from the past year, past week or even the day before that can help to guide us in making our decisions.  

As you step boldly in 2014 it is important to note that it is wiser to learn  from the mistakes of others. You can save yourself a lot of grief, trust me!  Have you ever looked back and thought, “Wow, how did I make that mistake.. again!” .  2013, I’m sure has taught us lots of lessons that we can reflect upon as we sift through the many decisions that has to be made.experience

Dr. Ellen Weber of The Brain’s Way to Build On Mistakes states that reflection is the mental resource that changes mistakes into mental growth, which makes us see it as a sort of litmus test.  She also goes on to say that the human brain makes the best of mistakes through neurological research about how we learn and change through our mistakes.

Here are three smart skills put forward by Dr. Weber that can help you mentally to turn mistakes into stepping stones that will shape new successes …learn from others

1. Focus on new possibilities rather than on lost opportunities. When it comes to the brain we truly do become what we think and do, and mistakes make better stepping stones when we learn from them by shaping new approaches that help us move on.
2. Step back from each mistake you make and reframe how you’ll approach similar situations in a more effective way in future. Ask others for advice. Look at the evidences for success by imitating people you respect.  Refuse to remain in ruts, or blame others. Risk courage for the change it takes to convert mistakes into triumphs.
3. Be good to you, because you need the mental chemical serotonin to succeed. Make a decision to stop beating up on yourself for mistakes and then stick to that decision. Admit your mistakes quickly before cortisol takes you down – apologize if others get hurt by errors you make and the mental freedom that gives will help you to move on.

Mistakes are the capital of successful people, and the downfall of people who allow them to rewire their brains for failure. Change comes to each of us, when we allow it to happen, and since we cannot change others or rewire their brains in any way – why not simply allow these smart skills to give

 you the freedom to move on?

I know I will have to work harder on #3, as I am usually very hard on myself.  But hey! Its a New Year filled with endless possibilities, willing to reflect and learn from others and my past experiences in order to convert my mistakes into countless TRIUMPHS!!!!learning agility

 “Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a 

man does with what happens to him.”— Aldous Huxley

“Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.” — Franklin P. Tom Jon “Bones” Norah Jones


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