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Do What you Love, Love What You Do!

do what you loveDo What You Love, Love What  You Do!

“Happiness is not an accident.  Nor is it something you wish for.  Happiness is something you design.” – Jim Rohn

What can Spring Cleaning teach you about Money?

I thought about this a lot and figured a lot of moms like myself, and definitely women on a whole are often doing spring cleaning time and time again.  But what kind of money lessons can it teach you.

Well Money Coach and Business Mentor Cheryl Hanson-Stimpson has some great ideas below:


Money Lessons from Spring Cleaning

Recently I found myself compelled to carry out a major re-organising project in my home. I finally admitted that I had run out of space to keep some important items, so I decided that it was time to take control of my chronic storage issues. With spring in the air, it presented the right opportunity to take on a comprehensive clean-up challenge.

At first, I thought that the simple answer to my dilemma was to purchase a few more containers or another cabinet to house all the stuff that I needed to put away. However, a quick audit of my closets revealed that I already had more than enough storage bins; the real problem was that I was keeping too many things in them that I no longer needed.

I realised that there was only one solution — some of my stuff had to go. As I went through the slightly traumatic process of unpacking, sorting and deciding what to keep or dump, I thought that most of us could probably benefit from a clean-up campaign on our finances. Upon further reflection, I began to see some lessons that spring cleaning can teach us about money success.

Get rid of the past

In clearing up, you may come across items that make you wonder, “Why am I still hanging on to this old stuff?” Similarly, we often hold on to our financial failures and allow them to hinder us from moving forward. The credit cards which we maxed out; the savings accounts which we cleaned out; the investments in which we lost out; we need to learn from our mistakes and let them go.

While you need to release your past disappointments, it’s just as important not to get stuck in reliving your past successes. In The Greatest Salesman in the World, author Og Mandino declares, “Nevermore will I be satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments, nor will I indulge, anymore, in self-praise for deeds which in reality are too small to even acknowledge.”

Whether your past has been difficult or delightful, be mindful that you have the ability right now to make use of your wealth of experience to accomplish great things. Your best days are ahead of you, so stop looking behind; focus your thoughts and actions on what you need to do in the present, to create the financial future that you desire.

De-clutter your life

Cluttered closets can be very frustrating, because you can never find what you want with ease, and searching for your stuff just wastes your time.Disorganisation, in any arena, brings chaos and confusion and prevents you from seeing your way forward clearly. However, having a cluttered financial life can be more than a petty annoyance; it can actually cost you dearly.

Are you clueless about where and how you spend your money? Do you forget your bill payment dates and constantly have to pay penalties? Have you lost track of your deposit amounts scattered across different financial institutions? These are just some of the ways in which you can become trapped and confused in a disorderly money muddle.

Remove your financial clutter forever by getting your money organised. Create a budget (you can download one at and use it to make informed spending choices. Record your bill payments a day or two before they are due in your diary or mobile phone calendar. Seek expert financial advice to create a structured savings and investment plan to achieve your goals.

Prioritise and live simply

The hardest part of spring-cleaning was deciding which items should go and which should remain. My rule of thumb was that if I hadn’t used it for a year, I was highly unlikely to ever need it again. In fact, I decided to make the garbage can my most valuable piece of furniture; no new item would be put in storage if it didn’t have a clear and important purpose.

Too often, we become overwhelmed with our lives because we continue to accumulate more and more unnecessary things. The never-ending pursuit of mindless stuff will only bring discontent and an unquenchable desire to outdo ourselves and other people. When retail therapy beckons, ask yourself: “Do I really need this new pair of shoes? Does my home really need another decoration?”

Consider all the better uses for your money that will bring lasting benefits, such as saving for your goals or donating to worthwhile charities. Choose to spend below your means and live a more simple existence. When you leave space in your life, you actually give yourself enough room to receive new opportunities and blessings that would otherwise have passed you by.

While it’s great to live the good life, sometimes the simple life can bring more long-term satisfaction. Spring-cleaning has inspired me to let simplicity be my new way of being; where less can be more and true wealth is not dependent on all the stuff that I have.

Copyright © 2012 Cherryl Hanson Simpson. 

Now isn’t that something to think about.  The next time you are about to purchase something, think carefully on whether its a need or a want.  Do you really need to buy it?

Remember “The key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economy; the key factor is your philosophy.” — Jim Rohn

How do you think about money?

Here’s a chance for a Fresh Start in your financial future, grab it with both hands!

Cherryl is a money coach and business mentor, and founder of Financially S.M.A.R.T. ServicesSee more of her work at and


In our quest to help you find meaningful ways to create multiple income streams, as always, here is another great advice from Cheryl Hanson-Stimpson, Financial Advisor.

“Over the past weeks we have been encouraging persons to get innovative in looking for ways to become more productive. It makes no sense to merely complain about a shortage of money – you have to focus your efforts on creating solutions to earn more. Fortunately, there are dozens of methods of generating income; it’s wise to choose one that best fits your personality and situation.

In your quest to improve your finances by finding a practical means to earn more money, you may encounter some roadblocks. You may have a job that expressly prevents employees from marketing things at the workplace or having any outside employment. You may find it hard to discover your inner talents to exploit for profit. Maybe you’re hopeless at sales and couldn’t even sell water to a thirsty person.

If you have a challenge identifying a viable product to sell or making use of your talents to serve others, don’t despair. There may be several earning opportunities lying undiscovered right at home. Many people don’t recognise that their residences are ‘lazy’ assets – they have monetary value but never contribute any income into their pockets.

If you’re determined to find an additional earning source, maybe some of these possibilities to earn with your home might appeal to you:

Boarding Facility

One of the simplest ways to make extra money from your house is to rent out some of your rooms to boarders. If you have a self-contained space with bedroom and bathroom facilities and can provide access to the kitchen, then it should be relatively easy for you to earn. If you live near to a tertiary education institution and would like to take in students, you can register your property with the proper department which can advertise it for you.

Bed & Breakfast

Jamaica is an in-demand tourist location, but most people don’t realise that they can participate in this industry without having a hotel. There are travellers around the world who are looking for bargain rooms or prefer to experience an authentic vacation with real residents. If you have an entertaining personality and adequate room space, this might be a great option. You can market your property on websites that cater to this type of tourist or contact the Ministry of Tourism for more information.

Child Care Facility

If you live in a community with young children whose parents have to go out to work, you could consider using your home as a facility for day-time child care or for after-school accommodation. You would have to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your environment and that you have properly trained persons to look after the children. Do the necessary checks to determine if your home can be legally used for this purpose.

Land Lease

There is a lot of idle land in this country that could be put to productive use for agriculture or other purposes. If you’re fortunate to have a big backyard, but lack the desire or ability to plant crops on it, how about leasing your land to an enterprising farmer? Depending on the location of your property, it could also be used for light manufacturing or rented for a billboard site. Observe your yard with an analytical eye, and think of entities that may find your property valuable in some way.

Virtual Business Address

Some home-based entrepreneurs would prefer not to use their residences as their business addresses for privacy reasons or because of inadequate mail service. If your home is easily accessible for the delivery of packages, and your address sounds like a professional location, then it’s possible to earn from simply renting out your mailbox as a virtual business address. Check with small business groups to find trustworthy clients.

Photo/Video Location

Real estate professionals say that the key to making profit with your property is all about “location, location, location.” If you’ve created a beautiful garden at home, or have been blessed with eye-catching scenery, you could consider offering your property for use in music videos or specialty photography. If you’re located near to a church or school, hand out flyers advertising your backyard as the perfect setting for group photos and videos.

Storage/Parking Facility

Another option for making money with your home is to rent out idle rooms to persons who are in desperate need of storage space. You could store furniture for persons who have to downsize their living arrangements but don’t want to get rid of their belongings, or stock imported items for a shop owner. How about also making use of your empty driveway? If you live in high-traffic environs such as New Kingston or Spanish Town, you could easily find customers for rented parking space.

If you plan to use your home to generate income, ensure that you comply with any regulatory guidelines that might govern your activity. Next week we will search for other practical methods of making more money.”

copyright ©  Cherryl Hanson Simpson.

Cherryl is a financial consultant and coach, and the founder of Financially S.M.A.R.T. Services,Jamaica’s number one source for practical, down-to-earth and independent answers for all questions relating to personal finance. Cherryl is currently writing her first book, The 3 Ms of Money. See more of her work at

Do Your Thoughts Sabotage Your Success?

Tell me, what is it that you think about when you think of success.  Or better yet what thoughts keep you from doing the activities that will help you to achieve that success.

Remember, if you want to succeed, you have to keep growing and changing.

We have to change how we think, change our mindsets and push forward.

This is an article written by Arina that I got from a dear friend, which was most timely indeed.  Here’s to your ongoing development.  Enjoy!

“Whether you believe it or not, positive attitude is not just a “soft skill” – it is a significant factor in achievement. Most dysfunction in business and personal achievement can be traced back to a root cause: ineffective thinking habits! That does not have to be the case for you, though. You can learn to manage your habits of thought and directly affect your level of performance and achievement.

Are you ready?

The first step in harnessing ineffective thinking habits and moving toward growth is becoming aware; for with an enhanced level of awareness, you can make choices that promote positive attitudes. It sounds so simple, but effective change always begins with awareness. People will choose to change when they are aware that the change will serve their best interest!

What is attitude?

An attitude can best be defined as a habit of thought. You naturally develop certain patterns of thinking about the people and world around you. These thinking habits can be conditioned and patterned by parents, friends, culture, environment, experiences, and circumstances.

If you do not assume personal responsibility for developing your own effective, positive attitudes, the world around you will shape your attitudes with average thinking, which is usually negative and unproductive. As a result, you become a victim of your own ineffective thinking patterns.

Every thought you entertain during the day is either positive or negative. There is no in-between or neutral thought. Every moment of your thinking pattern during the day either serves your growth or serves your stagnation.

Most people describe their attitude as neutral – neither positive nor negative. But everything in nature is either growing or decaying, and the same is true in business. There can be no neutral positions. You and your thoughts are alive and dynamic. The thinking patterns that determine your attitudes either work to bring about your growth or work to bring about your decline. It truly is that simple!

Fear is the enemy of positive thoughts

Everyone is challenged by the emotion of fear. Fear is a natural, human emotion that instinctively causes us to respond with a defensive reflex to any perceived threat. If left unmanaged, your attitudes will be controlled by the emotion of fear.

For example, if you set a goal that requires you to do new things, these new activities will seem uncomfortable at first. That is normal, but you may instinctively respond with fearful feelings because the new activities are uncomfortable. This leads you to psychologically interpret those fearful feelings as “risks” or “dangers,” while in fact these new activities may not be dangerous at all.

We all have a basic fear of risks and the unknown. This response is natural, yet absolutely counterproductive to achievement. All achievement requires you to grow beyond your current status or position. You cannot possibly expect to grow and not confront new activities, skills, and responsibilities. If you allow your natural responses of fear to direct your thinking, you personally sabotage your opportunities for achievement by choosing to quit or not to act.

In fact, most of the people who fail to achieve did not fail at all. They simply allowed fear to control their thinking and decided to quit. The fear of risk and the unknown were stronger than their desire to achieve.

How do I conquer the fear?

The best way to get over this natural inclination to fear the unknown is to plan for it. Have a game plan that you can depend on to start fostering a positive attitude. It will start off feeling forced, but over time it will become a habit. Positive habits inevitably lead to positive outcomes!

To get you started, practice the following five steps that will help you develop the mental toughness needed to face the challenge of yournatural instinct of fear… and to win!

Step #1 – Maintain positive expectancy

You must keep the vision of your desired, future achievement in the forefront of your mental focus. Achievement is 80% mental! You will first accomplish your dreams in your mind before you ever realize them materially. Build a vision of your future that is stronger than your fears, and fill your thinking patterns with positive expectancy, which actually attracts the circumstances that you will need to realize your achievement.

Step #2 – Manage your daily choices according to your goals, not your feelings

Managing consistent, positive expectancy is difficult because you never feel the same, physically or emotionally, every single day of the week. If you only work on your goals when you feel good, your actions will be too inconsistent to produce results.

As Paul J. Meyer, would say, “Follow through with your daily plans regardless of circumstances or what other people say, think, or do.” In other words, your dreams for the future must be strong enough to keep you following through with those plans on a daily basis, no matter how you feel orhow others make you feel.

Step #3 – Aggressively manage your positive relationships

Your associations with others will either promote your growth or deter it. The thinking habits of those with whom you associate affect your thinking. You must, therefore, foster relationships with people who inspire and influence your growth. In the same vein, aggressively avoid those who impose their negative beliefs or attitudes on you. You cannot engage in negative relationships

without being negatively affected, so you must manage your personal relationships aggressively!

Step #4 – Live in the moment!

Life comes to each of us one day at a time. You cannot live in the future any more than you can change the past. The past is gone and tomorrow does not exist. Many people never succeed in their life plans because they are always saying, “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tomorrow turns into next week, next month, and next year. Some call it procrastination, but in reality, it is nothing more than a comfort zone.

You procrastinate on your personal growth because it is simply more comfortable to wait. Learn to live right now! Change your thinking about waiting and develop the attitude of urgency in applying effective actions daily.

Step #5 – Believe

Faith – being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see – is a spiritual term. It makes no sense intellectually and can be understood only from a spiritual perspective. Regardless of your religious or non-religious position, belief is vital in your growth and achievement, and you cannot understand belief without an understanding of faith.

There will be times in your achievement journey when quitting or giving up will seem like the only alternatives. At these times, it will take the strength of your faith to prevail. You must believe that you can achieve, for it is the spark that sustains you.

Putting it all together

Armed with a new level of awareness of how and why negative attitudes are instinctive, you now understand why a positive attitude development program is vital to your growth, success, and achievement.

You must develop a positive, productive attitude. It will never happen naturally, but just because it is not natural does NOT mean you cannot do it! Manage your thoughts and attitudes everyday, conquer the fear, and get ready to ACHIEVE!

Don’t wait until you can get it right- instead, take the first step- get it going and tap into the magic.



“That’s a Scam”, “A Pyramid”, those are some of the statements I would get from well intentioned people.  Family, friends, acquaintances, who would say, you’re wasting your time.  But guess what, I needed to make extra money.  I needed a business option without all the risk.  I was already strapped for time, and resources.  So what do I do?
When I found Network Marketing, I had no clue about how it really worked, so far it has been like a blessing in disguise.  Because along with the added income it has propelled me on a journey of self development.
But I thought if Network Marketing is the best kept secret, how come more “business” persons weren’t flocking the industry.  How come you still have persons turning their nose at it? And I knew it was a lack of understanding.
Imagine my surprise when financial analyst Cheryl Hanson-Stimpson wrote about “How to Work less and Earn More”, this article was so poignant and to the point, I felt vindicated!
So if your looking for a FRESH start, ways to make more money, not sure where to turn, arm your self with some good advice from someone who knows and then make your decision.
NETWORKING FOR EARNING by Cheryl Hanson-Stimpson
“… “How can I earn more money?” If you’re seeking an answer to this problem, but you have insufficient time to increase your income, then you may have to change your method of making money.
As discussed, most persons earn a living by pursuing linear income, and have to continually put in work time in order to get paid. Linear income puts a ceiling on your earning ability, as time is a restricted resource. Also, if you have to physically stop working for any time above your vacation or sick leave allowance, your income is negatively affected.
Looking for options, we considered residual income, where you are able to earn continually from some type of work or investment that you carried out once. For example, you can earn residual income on royalties from book or record sales. We also examined leveraged income, in which you can multiply your total income by utilising the efforts of other people. If you employ others to work in your business, then you make use of this type of income.
Although residual and leveraged income sources can help to exponentially boost your earning power, the reality is that it can be difficult to make practical use of these options. Not many people will achieve financial success by writing books or recording music; and being a profitable business owner takes time, money and knowledge, which may elude the average person.
Is there a way to earn extra income without actually creating your own products or business? What if you could make money by buying products that you like and use all the time, and then recommending them to others?
Referral revenue is real
Referring your friends to try products and services is an everyday activity; you rave about the latest movie, you suggest the tastiest dish at your favourite restaurant, you insist that your hairdresser is the best stylist in town. Although your efforts may increase sales for these businesses, you don’t usually get paid for your endorsements.
The good news is that many companies have realised that personal recommendations for their offerings is a powerful marketing tool. The immense value of regular people directly promoting products and services to their friends and colleagues has spawned a method of distribution called network marketing. This direct selling method is widely used by industries involved in wellness, household products, communications, cookware, skin care, office supplies and many more.
In other words, there are companies out there that will pay you to buy their products and refer others to do the same.
The networking model
The structure of network marketing is based on two fundamental principles. A company offers individuals the opportunity to become independent representatives or business owners to distribute its goods. This process redirects the company’s sales expenses from costly advertising campaigns and retail middle-men, and puts the money into the pockets of the end users.
This distribution model also utilises an extra incentive to boost sales, by allowing the representatives to create their own network of independent business owners. For their efforts in increasing the marketing of its goods and services, the company will reward business builders with a percentage of the revenue generated by their teams’ efforts.
Network marketing offers both the residual and leveraged income options that we have highlighted. Once you establish dedicated customers for the products that are available, you have the ability to get repeat revenue. You take advantage of leverage when you earn from the sales of your network of distributors. This opportunity also comes without the hassle of actually creating your own products or business.

Evaluating an opportunity
In Jamaica, there are several established network marketing companies such as GNLD, Herbalife and Avon, as well as many new options. Like any other business, it’s important to do the groundwork to determine if a network marketing opportunity is right for you.
Some considerations include:
– Do you like the products or services that are offered?
– Are the products consumable (used repeatedly) and in demand?
– Is your earning directly tied to sales volume?
– Does the marketing plan sound too good to be true?
– Who are the owners or principals in the business?
– Does the company provide effective training and support?
– Is there a focus on personal development for the distributors?
Some people have an erroneous impression that network marketing is a way to get rich quick. The easiest thing about this opportunity is that the products, distribution system and earning plan are already created for you. To be successful you still have to work hard; you must be willing to learn the business, create a customer base, motivate and train your team members, and develop your leadership abilities.
So, whether you are looking for some extra income or desirous of running a business full-time, network marketing could be a profitable choice!”
Copyright ©  Cherryl Hanson Simpson.
Cherryl is a financial consultant and coach, and the founder of Financially S.M.A.R.T. Services, Jamaica’s number one source for practical, down-to-earth and independent answers for all questions relating to personal finance. Cherryl is currently writing her first book, The 3 Ms of Money. See more of her work at

What has your journey been like, share your story.


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