Guys I am very proud to be associated with this company, LiveSmart 360.  And I wholy endorse their products and services.  And that is why it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to their $100,000 Smartest Loser Contest.

How many times, do we go on a diet that does not care about your overall health, this is definitely not the case here.  Imagine earning cold hard cash while you lose weight and be in the best shape of your life.

At LiveSmart 360 we believe in rewarding more people more often, and so we will be rewarding you every step of the way with our Smartest Loser Contest.

Before we launched, 162,000+ people from 94 countries joined the movement! Now, on our countdown to our hard launch event in the first quarter of 2011, we are pulling out all the stops!

We are going to help people from around the world lose 100,000 pounds and we are putting $100,000+ in cash and prizes on the line to help you do it!

Introducing the LiveSmart 360 Smartest Loser Contest!

“When does the contest officially start and end?”
September 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010 (Get a head start today…see below.)

“How do I participate?”

Complete Contest Details and Rules will be posted next week. See Point Schedule below for a head start!

“What are the prizes?”

1. Every week we will hold a drawing for a new APPLE IPAD for every person who has submitted at least 1 Smart Show Presentation. For each Smart Show Presentation you submit weekly, your name will go into the drawing that many times! The more presentations you give at your home Smart Shows or Online Smart Shows, the more chances you have to win each week! (You also get points for each Smart Show you conduct! See below.)

2. Every month we will have cash prizes for the Top 5 Largest Transformation Results on our products AND for the Top 5 Point Earners!

Monthly Transformation Cash Prizes…

#1 Monthly Transformation=$1,000.00 Cash
#2 Monthly Transformation=$750.00 Cash
#3 Monthly Transformation=$500.00 Cash
#4 Monthly Transformation=$250.00 Cash
#5 Monthly Transformation=$100.00 Cash

These cash prizes for the Top Transformations happen EACH MONTH! So you have 5 chances each month to win!

The Overall Top Transformation at our hard launch event in 2011 will receive a check for $10,000.00! This is in addition to the monthly prizes above!

Purchase our Limited Edition LiveFit 360 Smartest Loser Product Pack today and save $50 and receive 5 points for each pack you purchase. (Available online NOW at under Nutritionals/LiveFit 360 $149.99/


Watch the video below, get your headstart with the DOUBLE POINTS above between now and AUGUST 31! First Prizes awarded end of the first week in September and runs through December 31, 2010.

For more details go to LiveSmart 360 Blog or  click here and stay up to date on whats happening.

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